While at Yahoo! I managed a team of designers responsible for the design of all of Yahoo's "Front Door" products - including the Yahoo! Front Page (, My Yahoo! (, and Yahoo! Buzz ( Below are some of the products we delivered during this time.

In-Line Video

In August 2007 we launched a new in-line video player on the Yahoo! Front Page. In the past, clicking on a video link opened up a video playing in a new window. The Front Doors design team redesigned the experience to open up the player in-line. Now, when a user clicks on a video link the player animates open and plays the video right there. When finished, the user can play another video or close the player.

Not only is the new user experience less disruptive, the video loads in a fraction of the time it did with the old player.

My Yahoo!

In June 2007 we began rolling out a new version of My Yahoo! - the number one personalized portal page on the web. We totally redesigned the product from top to bottom. One of the benefits of the new product is that it is much more efficient to use. Things that used to require multiple pages to perform can now be done in-line - without ever having to leave the page.

You can choose from over 2 million modules to display on your customized page. To add a module, click "Personalize This Page". The "Extravaganza" opens (that's what we called it internally) at the top of your page. You can browse, search and preview modules from the extravaganza. When you find one you like, simply click "Add".

New Modules

We have added tons of new and redesigned modules to My Yahoo! The new portfolio module let's you track your stocks, and the new movies module keeps you informed about new movies opening in your area. Many of the modules were designed by the My Yahoo! design team. Others were developed by other groups both inside and outside of Yahoo!

Open Modules

Use My Yahoo! as your aggregator of information across the internet. You can monitor your Facebook friends, check your Netflix queue, and keep track of your Yahoo! and Gmail inboxes.


Choose from over 40 different My Yahoo! themes. We are adding more all the time. Just go to Personalize this page and click "Change Color".